Thursday 24 July 2014

Where did the time go?

It feels like ages since I last blogged, and in fact it Is ages! But I'm finally back working on my shop with Ian and feel like I'm back in the land of the living now that my little girl has now started nursery.

Since I last blogged we have had a new addition to our family-Isis Rose who is now 2 years old. Her and Leo are adorable together! It has been a bit of a rough ride though and getting back to work has taken longer than usual. Isis was born with congenital heart disease, a particular defect called pulmonary stenosis and it wasn't discovered until she came down with a cold at 2 weeks old and during the check up my GP heard her very loud heart murmur and we got sent for tests. Ultimately she had to have heart surgery at 10 weeks to reduce the narrowing in her heart and it did work to the extent that if she hadn't of had it within a month or so she would have died and it has opened the valve up somewhat but unfortunately it isn't a total 'fix'. This pic of her was a few weeks after her operation.
She still has her heart problem which she will always have and we have regular check ups to see how the heart is functioning etc. and she could well have more heart surgery in the future. Her heart problem has also meant she has been poorly a lot and takes longer to recover than other children, and we just have to be really careful to watch how she is when she's poorly because things could worsen very quickly. There are lots of other elements to it but safe to say things have been difficult.
Isis September 2013
We are lucky though, there are so many other children with problems worse than her. The hospitals have all been great. All you can do is try and live in the moment as much as possible and get on with things.
Leo and Isis Summer 2013
It feels great now to be able to work on my shop etc and do something for me. I've started making some new bits and bobs. I really want to extend our Wizard of Oz section. So far I've managed to make this set of Wizard of Oz bookmarks.
I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging-we might go in slightly a different direction but I hope you'll come along with me:)

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