Monday 31 August 2015

Last days of Summer

It's been a wonderful Summer holiday with the kids-even though its always lovely when they go back too! And of course it's gone super quick. We've had some lovely time away and caught up with family and friends and generally had a lovely time.

Within all this me and Ian have also been running the shop and making orders etc. It's very difficult to juggle the two in the holidays. I know most people have childcare issues in the summer in one way or another but being self-employed with an at home business is certainly tricky in the holidays. But we managed it! And we've had some wonderful times.

Of course though I am so happy to be back into the studio properly now the kids are back and making some new designs. We have had a Summer Sale going on with 20% off all orders with code SUMMER2015 which will run till tomorrow as its Labor Day in the US. Here is a little preview of a Halloween hanger/sign I'm making right now-this plus another witchy one will be up in our shop this week.

Plus I'll be adding some new Halloween stickers soon and some pagan invites will be coming soon too. Speaking of Halloween I almost forgot to show you my new ink on my wrist/forearm....
Thanks so much for reading and I do love it when you manage to comment to say hi. Have an awesome Monday!