Tuesday 31 March 2009

2 Quick Cards and a Thank You

These are 2 quick make cards, a Sugar Nellie and an Easter Tilda, one of which might be winging it's way to a new friend. I'm wondering if my promarkers will arrive today?! I hope so!

Now is it me or are crafters just super friendly people or what? I've only had this blog a few days and it's lovely that people have stopped by and left me a comment, it's so nice of everyone. Plus other crafters appreciate the work that goes into a card which is nice. I just wish I'd found cardmaking earlier, it is so rewarding. I have always enjoyed being creative in different ways through writing, drawing, designing etc but this is just such a fab hobby combining lots of different techniques. 

Well today we're going to a Farm Park, Leo my little boy will just love it! Hope everyone has a lovely day, think we're going to have some decent weather today :)

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