Saturday 16 May 2009

Lovely Awards

I have got 3 lovely awards from my good blogging friends Tracey and Lorraine-love ya guys! Firstly there's the 'Thanks for your Support' award for leaving feedback which I always try to do as often as I can-I actually read everything everyone does from the little feed we get in blogger and then pop over. Next award is the Lemonade award for great attitude and gratitude. How cool is that?! Last but not least is the Inspiration Award for blogs that help inspire. Am so grateful to have been thought of. Now as there is 3 and I don't have tons of followers I would like everyone who stops by reguarly to please take one each as all of you deserve them. Tracey I especially want you to take the Inspiration Award! Can you feel all the love today?


  1. Well deserved your blog and your cards are beautiful Dianne xx

  2. Oh darling you keep giving me these beautiful awards. Thanks so much - I do feel loved.