Wednesday 24 June 2009


Hi everyone. I've received a few lovely awards recently and the first one is from my beautiful blogging friend Tracey (I think in real life us two would get on like a house on fire!) which is the Honest Scrap Award. This is a fun one because you've got to list 10 honest things about yourself-I enjoyed reading others honest facts whilst blog hopping:). I've got to pass this on to 7 others too!

Here's who I nominate:

2) Coco
5) Debs

Here's the 10 honest things about me-I'm not gonna include the obvious tho like I'm addicted to stamping! :)

1) I used to be a Beauty Spa Manager which I loved but now I'm a stay at home mummy and I find it 100 x more rewarding and 100 x more challenging
2) I'm pagan hence the username
3) I am addicted to diet coke
4) I love Big Brother and have watched every series!
5) I met my husband on the internet on an occult website:)
6) I love secrets and gossip. I'm a great secret keeper!
7) I spend too much money on my hair (£80 every 6 weeks!)
8) People who are always negative frustrate me enormously
9) I love talking-I'm a proper chatterbox! I love time to myself though too
10) No one has ever described me as normal;)

See yas laters with a card:) Enjoy the sunshine!


  1. wo Rowena !!! Thank you a lot of !!!!
    I am very very happy !!!!
    big Hugs My friend !!!
    Hugs COCO

  2. Thanks Rowena! Sorry I've been a while replying, I've been ill. Thank you for your support, I love your work, and this means a lot to me, Judith x