Tuesday 3 November 2009

A Little Warning!

Afternoon all! Just wanted to do a quick post to warn you about something just incase you get the same thing. I had a comment left for me from a blog friend saying some not so nice things (not about my cards), in anycase it wasn't from the person who left the comment but if you clicked on the persons name it would take you directly to my friends blog to make it look like they had left the comment. Hope that makes sense! In any case should you get any comments from me or anyone else that aren't 100% nice then you know what's going on!

Anyways, hope you're having a lovely afternoon!


  1. Thanks Ro for clearing that up. I hope they leave me alone soon. Great to warn everyone. Winter nights are drawing in...they are nothing but very sad individuals and have nothing better to do. Souch a horrid thing to do.

    Im glad you know it was not from me...finally.

    Hugs sweetheart.


  2. Good idea...I just read about this on another blog...I better put up a warning also!


  3. uggh, that's a horrid thing to happen.. have they got nothing better to do than stirring trouble?
    Thanks for the warning sweetie!

    Marlene xx

  4. You are the second person I know of is having this problem, Rowena. People really don't have anything better to do!

  5. oh...internet stuff is so open to nyone like tht...and people that do stupid things aren't worth a pinch of salt...lucky there are so many gorgeous ladies out there!!!!take care

  6. Thanks for the warning!!!
    Its a Sad sad world at times.
    Cards are fabilicous{hmmm not sure i spelt that right} as always!!!!!
    hugs n stuff

  7. I can't understand a person's need to be so deceptive and immature. :( Thanks Rowena - we will keep a look out!

  8. check of people why do they do this wasting yours and their time. Dont they know life is too short.

  9. WOW, that is disgusting to think that someone has done some sort of hacking making it look like that other person.. Thanks for the heads up..

  10. Isn't that a shame!! Some people are just idiots!! The same kind of thing is happening to me but through my email!! It is so frustrating!! Hope it doesn't happen to you!!

  11. You're the 2nd blog I have heard 'not so nice' comment being left - I wonder if this was the problem on the first one I saw.

  12. ohhhhh!not good..and thanks for the warning..
    so we can delete it right away...